Class How valuation works

Who for

This class is for:

  • Founders
  • Who want to raise a Series Seed and/or Series A


Founders will get an answer to the following frequently asked questions:

  1. What is my valuation? Founders will start the class by doing their own valuation with our valuation app
  2. What is the difference between selling your product and raising money?
  3. How many shares do I sell?
  4. What is my exit value?
  5. What is my money multiple?
  6. What is my probability of success?
  7. How does risk/return work?
  8. What is my money multiple if I raise 2 rounds?
  9. How many shares do I sell at Series A?
  10. How does dilution work?
  11. Should I raise 1 or 2 rounds?
  12. Should I skip Series Seed?
  13. Why should I always do my own valuation?
  14. Wvttk

Who by

The workshop is taught by Joachim Blazer. He helps founders raise money.


  • Date to be determined
  • From 1030 till 1200
  • Location to be determined

How much

€600/class (ex VAT)