How do I get a $3m valuation?

You valued your startup at $1.9m:


You think you’re worth $3m.


We have an app for that.

Plug in what you think your worth and you get:


This means that for a $3m valuation you either need a plausible argument for the investor for a $1.6m instead of a $1.0m EBITDA:


Or you need a plausible argument for a 7.8 instead of 5.0 EBITDA multiple:


Or 1 instead of 3 milestones between seed and exit:


Or a probability of success per milestones of 93% instead of 80%.

Or an IRR of -5,1% instead of 10,0% (not very likely).

Or an exit after -1,7 instead of 3 years (not very likely either).

Or you play around until you feel you have a plausible combination of assumptions:


That’s how you get a $3m valuation.


Thanks to Hans Westerhof and Chretien Herben.

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